On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Jeff Yates, a recording artist from Nashville, releases his brand-new single “Country Girls Like That“, a fun, catchy country song.

“Country Girls Like That”


Country singer, Jeff Yates releases Nashville single, "Country Girls Like That" Out Everywhere April 14
“Country Girls Like That”

Jeff Yates, a recording artist from Nashville, has released a new song titled “Country Girls Like That” which is a fun, catchy country song that he believes both country girls and boys will really enjoy. In March, Yates recorded the song at OmniSound studios in Nashville, where Dean Miller produced it. With his own unique style and vocal conviction, Yates delivers the song with his distinctive baritone voice.

The Recording Process

His band laid down the tracks for “Country Girls Like That” and another great country song when they went into the studio. In the end, they recorded both songs simultaneously. The studio staff and band were fantastic, Jeff noted.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the guitar licks, the drums, and the background harmonies on both recordings now sound absolutely amazing. Even though they only released “Country Girls Like That” a few days ago, they have received so many positive reviews from listeners. The tune is a genuine country which he believes a lot of people can connect with without much of a stretch. Jeff adores the track, and he imagines that many country listeners will, too. More quality songs are on the way too.

About Jeff Yates:

Yates is a Texas-based vocalist, lyricist, and guitarist and is another individual from the Texas Country Music Association. For the purpose of promoting his music, he has collaborated with CDX Nashville Media Company.

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