On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, The Mindful Singers Signature Voice Program is a one-stop program that teaches self-taught singers how to find their own distinctive vocal style and how to express themselves through singing.

Mindful Singers

Signature Voice Programme by Mindful Singers on McKinney Music
Signature Voice Programme

Singers frequently require assistance with how to find their unique singing style. The majority of advice is unhelpful and sometimes harmful, based solely on technique and singing years of dull scales. Mindful Singers has launched a new singing program, the #signaturevoice program, to assist participants in discovering their individual voice and utilizing their X-Factor.
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This program is intended for singers who want to break into the highly competitive music industry, headed by Jordan Mitchelle, a seasoned vocal coach and professional singer. The Signature Voice Program is a comprehensive training course that helps singers develop a singing voice that people will remember. It covers everything from fine-tuning vocal technique to developing a unique style and mindset hacking.

Students will learn how to hone their craft and tell stories from the heart and soul through a series of one-on-one singing lessons online, which will leave their fans with goosebumps.

Signature Voice

Extreme Vocal Clarity – Fine-tune your technique, unlock your body and mind, and dial in your vocal vision to know precisely what kind of singer you want to be.

Signature Voice Creation – Unleash your X-Factor by learning to sing with conviction and in a way that people will remember.

Mindful Singers Support Programme – Support and community through direct contact, seven days a week, as well as encouragement and daily check-ins to make sure the singer stays on track.

Signature Voice Programme by Mindful Singers on McKinney Music
Signature Voice Programme

The Signature Voice Program focuses on helping participants discover their authentic voice as artists and tap into their creative potential in addition to imparting practical skills and knowledge. This program encourages singers to embrace their individual style and stage presence by placing a strong emphasis on self-discovery and personal development.

The Signature Voice Program is suitable for aspiring singers, whether they are self-taught or experienced performers. Therefore, this program is a must-have for anyone who wants to advance their singing career to the next level.

Jordan Mitchelle

“The Signature Voice Program by Mindful Singers is a game-changer for self-taught singers looking to discover their unique vocal style and express themselves through singing,” explained Jordan Mitchelle. “With a focus to unlock your signature singing voice, self-discovery and personal growth, this program empowers singers to embrace their unique style and presence on stage.”

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