On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, with “Sway”, the breakout Texas group The Will Carter Band released a brand-new single that is sure to have you dancing with your partner.

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The Will Carter Band, a breakout Texas award-winning band, has released a new song called “Sway” that will have you dancing with your partner. It was released on all online platforms on April 21, 2023.

Will Carter

Will Carter Band - Sway
Will Carter Band – Sway

Will Carter, the lead singer, remarked that when he was writing the song, he was thinking like Neil McCoy. He wanted the tune to have a ‘They’re Playing Our Song’ vibe. He also mentioned his enthusiasm once hitting the studio for the staggering energy brought by the rest of the band. The song completely went in a new direction that Will loves, and evidently so does radio.

A Song to Dance to With the One You Love

“Sway” written by Will Carter, Ryan Follese, and Nash Overstreet, tells the story of dancing with someone you love. The feeling of this moment and the singularity it creates for the couple are explored in the band’s new summer song.

The Will Carter Band

The Will Carter Band has been gaining popularity in the music industry thanks to the Academy of Country Music spotlighting their most recent singles and the airing of their most recent video on CMT, The Country Network, and The Heartland Network. This summer, they are bringing new music to Texas fans, and the Will Carter Band will perform live at various events.

Will Carter Band Left to right: Bino – Fiddle/Vocals, Bobby Tapia – Bass, Will Carter – Lead Vocals / Guitar, Jacob Lee – Drums / Vocals, Dillan Dostal – Lead Guitar / Vocals (Photo Credit – Scott McCombs)
Will Carter Band Left to right: Bino – Fiddle/Vocals, Bobby Tapia – Bass, Will Carter – Lead Vocals / Guitar, Jacob Lee – Drums / Vocals, Dillan Dostal – Lead Guitar / Vocals (Photo Credit – Scott McCombs)

About the Will Carter Band

Will Carter, who was born and raised in Katy, Texas, debuts his electric live show on national stages as he continues to garner praise for his songwriting and performing career throughout the Lone Star State. Over a dozen singles from this country singer and songwriter have appeared on the Texas music charts, with three of them making it to Nashville’s Music Row Chart. Carter’s taste for narrative and engaging sets procured him four sequential assignments for “Male Artist of the Year” at the Texas Country Music Awards.

Carter credits his hard-won accomplishments to his very close family. Young Will had to find time in between his chores to improve his songwriting and guitar skills while homeschooling, breaking horses, milking goats, and tending to crops. Will took his first stage at the age of three, according to family scrapbooks, and began playing the guitar at the age of ten.

At the point when Carter was only a high schooler, his father became seriously sick. In the hope of providing some comfort and a means of escape for his father, he put together a playlist of his favorite songs to play together. Will recorded these songs and sold CDs in response to the music’s initial impact on him and his family. When he was just 13 years old, he appeared on the television show Debra Duncan because of his inventive and active approach to assisting his family. Until his father passed away, those songs were played every day for him. Carter’s songwriting and performance career would be sparked by that time’s tranquility, comfort, and inspiration.

Will Carter
Will Carter

Carter bravely pursued his interests, launching his professional career in 2016 after a stint with The Emotions, a popular Texas dance hall band. In 2019, he released his first album, “Good Bad Idea”, which established the foundation for his sound and opened a new lane on the sonic highway that was plowed by headliners Mark Chesnutt, Jack Ingram, and Easton Corbin. From that point forward, Carter has been effectively visiting with his band, performing 150-200 shows every year. Will’s self-assured, high-energy performances are a country music triumph that have caught the attention of the music industry and appealed to music fans of all ages.

At the Texas Country Music Association Awards, Carter was named “Songwriter of the Year” for four years in a row. He has performed at SXSW as an opening act for Cody Johnson, Randy Rogers, Bart Crow, Jack Ingram, Larry Gatlin, Saints Eleven, Josh Ward, and Cody Canada. Carter and his music have been highlighted on various podcasts, for example, The Troubadour, The Sports Guys, and Scenes Live. His singles and albums are also played on radio stations all over the country, with a lot of airplay in Texas and the states nearby.

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