On McKinney Music , “the best independent music magazine in the UK mainstay Christian rockers, Disciple, have released their first new song in over 3 years, The Executioner, on the day they embarked on their Winter Jam tour.

The Executioner

With new single, The Executioner, Disciple has released their first new music in more than three years. At https://ffm.bio/disciple, the brutally heavy track is now available for streaming worldwide. The band’s forthcoming full-length album, Skeleton Psalms, will be released on April 28th, and includes the first single, The Executioner.

Joel Burris directed the rockers’ music video for “The Executioner,” which was also released. The music video reveals the song’s themes with images that are as gloomy as the song’s crushing riffs and stark lyrics.


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Skeleton Psalms by Disciple

“The song is about coming to grips with your flaws, your failures, your shame, your sin,” explained Disciple frontman, Kevin Young. “It’s realizing that no, I don’t want to celebrate anything about what I’ve done in this life. I want to lay my life down in exchange for a better one that God has for me.

“We wanted to do a video that had an executioner in it, a video about really coming to grips with letting go of your life. I think that’s the part of Christianity that’s so beautiful. You get to this place where you’re ready to let go of all that you’ve had, ready to surrender and give yourself to God. We’re always ready to receive from Him. But the moment when we’re ready to surrender everything to Him, that’s the death to ourselves. The idea of laying down my life becomes this beautiful idea, as opposed to a dark and sinister idea. I sing ‘my beautiful executioner.’ This is what I want.”

Skeleton Psalms

Kevin Young (vocals), Josiah Prince (guitar), Joey West (drums), and Andrew Stanton (guitar) deliver the signature musical ferocity and spiritual weight that listeners have come to expect from them. “The Executioner” is no exception. Skeleton Psalms, Disciple’s 13th studio album, features this distinctive sound throughout the album’s songs. “The Executioner” is the ideal introduction to this new era from a thematic standpoint.

“The three themes you can expect from the album are human depravity, the love, mercy and unconditional love of God and also, ultimately, victory,” explained Kevin Young.

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A full list of tour dates is available at disciplerocks.com/tour. The band is also offering exclusive Tour Bus Experience packages for Winter Jam’s duration, which can be purchased at tourbusexperience.eventbrite.com.

You can find “The Executioner” on all platforms at https://ffm.bio/disciple, where Skeleton Psalms will also be available for presave.