On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Att!cus is changing the face of HipHop by making music that appeals to fans of the genre but also reflects his unique tastes and dynamic style.

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Cashing Out

cashing out Entertainment Magazine uk Att!cus on McKinney Music Explicit Promo - Your Music Heard By Millions

Att!cus is a promising Hip Hop singer-songwriter who shines in front of the crowd with his own captivating and unmatched energy. The talented artist creates his own enticing perspective on the world and exudes a charisma and flair that have never been seen before. The rejuvenating and hip rhythms of his exciting new single, Cashing Out, seamlessly complement the artist’s vocals and songwriting.

Rich Amiri, an up-and-coming singer and artist, shines on the collaborative single, Cashing Out. Att!cus is an artist who draws attention for the right reasons. He gets his inspiration from a lot of today’s hip hop and rap stars, including Juice WRLD, Young Thug, Playboi Carti, and Future.

On November 11th, 2022, Att!cus’ official music streaming platforms made Cashing Out available to everyone. The young hitmaker has released a number of other songs since the release of the new single, many of which have already received thousands of streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Over 25K people have listened to his single “Scat” on Spotify alone, and other songs like “Scat,” “Blues Clues,” and “Wasting Time” have quickly become favorites.


Too Much Talk

The album Too Much Talk by Att!cus in 2022 also caused quite a stir and received numerous favorable reviews from all sides. Even though Att!cus only made his debut in April 2022, his brand and identity have few rivals.

“Listeners might feel excited when listening to my music,” explained Att!cus. “My music is made unique by the fact that I just make what I want to hear myself. If I don’t like a song, I won’t release it. If I do, I will.”


Atticus, more commonly referred to by his stage name Att!cus, has only recently begun creating music. The young artist uploaded for fun at first, but he soon realized that people were enjoying his music and began to amass a large following. In 2022, he released his first song, which featured melodies and a flow that were reminiscent of Young Thug’s work and other well-known rappers like Yeat.

The sound of Att!cus’s style is very distinct. His unique arrangement of his lyrics and vocals, as well as the way they stand out against the music, make certain elements like abrupt crescendos and high-pitched adlibs his signature sound. His first album, Too Much Talk, which came out at the end of 2022, highlighted both of these aspects.

Find more from Att!cus:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/att1cus_/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41cAA63coWk1ZxwVTbHAqg
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Ew66gq1eIUqeQWZ7wt1k7?si=xr64LPlKSSGzQFNB58NTpQ
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/att_cus