On McKinney Music, “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, Doug Paisley’s new single, Sometimes It’s So Easy, is from his upcoming album, Say What You Like, coming March 17th.

Sometimes It’s So Easy

Doug Paisley on McKinney Music
Doug Paisley

The new song, Sometimes It’s So Easy, by Doug Paisley is just under two minutes long, but listeners will have a hard time forgetting the song’s wordless singalong hook over the next day, week, or year. The ease with which Paisley sticks to the melody speaks volumes about how at ease he is as a musician and how familiar his voice sounds. It’s even more impressive that the upbeat-sounding turnaround goes well with some pretty interesting topics.

“Sometimes emotional survival and self-preservation require that we find the ruthless and the blithe within ourselves,” said Doug Paisley.

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Although the sentiment is far from melancholy, the song’s lyrics, “Sometimes it’s so easy to move on / Not caring where you’re going / Without a thought to loved ones past and gone / And no way of knowing”, fall within these lines of inspiration. “Sometimes It’s So Easy” transitions from thumpy, fingerpicked verses to half-time-groovy, head-bobbing refrains ripe with layers of wild guitars with the assistance of producer Afie Jurvanen, who is perhaps best known for his work as recording artist BAHAMAS. Fortunately for Paisley’s followers, the new song is a good indicator of how the rest of his upcoming album, Say What You Like, will feel.

Music Video

A feat that is just as impressive as writing the song itself is featured in the accompanying music video for Sometimes It’s So Easy. The entire movie follows Paisley on his bike, holding his guitar, picking and singing Sometimes It’s So Easy. There are very few cutaway shots.

“Doug told me that when he was a teenager he once biked from Mount Pleasant Cemetery all the way to the waterfront with no hands,” said music video director, Colin Medley. “I’m not sure I fully believed him, but when we showed up on the Toronto Islands to film this video, not only could he still effortlessly bike without touching his handlebars, he could do so while singing and playing guitar for take after take. It was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.”

Say What You Like

Say What You Like, due out on March 17th, is Paisley’s first release since 2018’s Starter Home, which made The New Yorker’s Ten Best Albums of the Year. It is also Paisley’s first release with his new record label Outside Music, which is a welcoming, Canadian home for a Canadian artist who has been signed to U.S. labels for a long time.

The Canadian songwriter’s Say What You Like is a snapshot of an artist functioning at his best and highest level—honest, exposed, searching, and yet comforting in his ability to communicate the universal in the struggles of the individual. It is culled from 250 unrecorded songs spanning a decade of unregulated creativity. Additionally, it manages to be groovy thanks to Jervanen. These songs make it clear that Paisley needs to write more.

“As a songwriter these days,” said Doug Paisley. “There’s very little to gain and very little to lose so I am working only from the heart, there’s no other motive.”

Doug Paisley

Doug Paisley has received praise for his straightforwardly self-reflective songs that are delivered with beauty and simplicity ever since he released his self-titled debut fifteen years ago.

Even though Paisley has always worked with great Canadian musicians like Garth Hudson, Leslie Feist, and Mary Margaret O’Hara, his records have always had moments where the listener hears Paisley as he most often does: barefoot and playing his guitar by himself This quality was highlighted by the favorable reviews of Paisley’s sophomore album, Constant Companion.

In naming the album one of the top ten albums of 2010, MOJO found evidence of “an anti-star being born” in its “rare kind of purity.” UNCUT called it “sure-footed and ageless… uncluttered, sad and unerringly lovely,” while Rolling Stone called it a “nearly perfect singer-songwriter record.” Starter Home, Paisley’s most recent album, continued this trend by being “quiet and contemplative,” placing it among The New Yorker’s top ten albums of 2018.

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Fans can stream or purchase “Sometimes It’s So Easy” now at this link, check out the previously-released title track, “Say What You Like,” and pre-save or pre-order Say What You Like ahead of its March 17th release right here.