On McKinney Music , “the best independent music magazine in the UK“, high-octane rockers Count Pariah release new single, Black Cloud Count Pariah Release New Single.

Black Cloud Count Pariah Release

High-octane rockers from Knoxville, Tennessee, Count Pariah, who released their critically acclaimed EP Hymns for Heathens earlier this year, will release their full-length debut on Blue Collar Records later this year. The lead single from the new project, “Black Cloud,” is out now.

Black Cloud Count Pariah Release New Single, the best independent music magazine in the UK mckinneymusic
Count Pariah

It is a tight, darkly brooding, cathartically intense track that marks an auspicious beginning of their new collaborative relationship with Grammy-winning engineer/producer Justin Miller of Philadelphia’s Milkboy the Studio. Written by the band’s front man, James “Shibby” Croft, it was written by Black Cloud Count Pariah Release. Miller, who goes by the nickname “Juicy,” has collaborated with local up-and-comers Miles Chancellor, Suzanne Sheer, and 4VR, as well as major label artists James Blake, Dolla $Sign, Patti Labelle, and Jazmine Sullivan, on her album Heaux Tales, which won the Best R&B Grammy in 2020.

Even though the song’s words and intent are all Shibby, guitarist Jason Breland claims that the first line and opening riff just came to him one Sunday morning. Shibby intentionally leaves his sharp lines on “Black Cloud,” as he does on many of Count Pariah’s songs, ambiguous so that listeners can come up with their own interpretations and life experiences.

Count Pariah

Shibby talked about that thing that we all have but don’t always understand. If you dare to tell the truth to someone, they might be left wondering how anyone ever dealt with it. It’s all they’ve ever known for some. People are terrified by it, whether it comes in waves or is constant. The subject of this song is how you deal with your own darkness.

He usually starts a song with the music when he writes with Black Cloud Count Pariah Release, and he lets the music take him where he can get a certain vibe or emotion. He can only say that “Black Cloud” is very personal to him, but that it is written in a way that anyone can relate to.

Before their yet-untitled full-length album, Black Cloud Count Pariah Release will release two more lead singles after “Black Cloud,” beginning with “Risk It All.” Milkboy the Studio was used to record “Black Cloud” and “Risk It All,” while Pink Moon Sound in Knoxville was used to record the remaining tracks.